Want direct routes worldwide: Latin America, Asia, Africa,EU

List the destinations you are interested to buy, amount of traffic, target rates.


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Want direct routes worldwide: Latin America, Asia, Africa,EU

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NGN welcomes new partners whom can offer direct routes and would be interested in a long term business relationship... Just to mention a few destinations:

Americas: Honduras, El Salvador, Domincan Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, Nicaragua - Managua, Colombia proper and mobile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, Jamaica and others.

Asia & Pacific: India proper and cities, Nepal mobile and Kathmandu, Pakistan and cities, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Laos proper and cell, Fiji, Myanmar, Vietnam, Mongolia.

Arab States: Egypt cell and proper, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Syria, Morocco, Sudan and so on...

Africa: Kenya, Sierra Leone, Ghana cell, Guinea, Nigeria - Lagos and Cell, Ethiopia, Togo, Mali, Ghana and Accra, Anglola, Liberia, Congo and others...

Europe & CIS: Turkey, Albania cellular, Latvia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Moldova, Bosnia, Yugoslav Cell and Europeans´ GSM - Greece, UK, Swiss, Germany, France, New Zealand -...

Please feel free to contact us anytime.

Email: ngnconsulting@gmail.com
ngngroup (-@-) ngnconsulting . com . ar

Web: www.ngnconsulting.com.ar

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