VoIP Solutions

Buy or sell VoIP software (billing software, application, softswitch, and others). Post your offers or requirements.

If you want to buy equipment, describe what you are looking for, your requirements and desired rate.

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VoIP Solutions

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AVangard Solutions Inc. is a leading US technology company that provides cost-effective, customized IT outsourcing solutions to customers from around the world. We offer our clients a highly skilled and committed IT development team ready to work with them to make their IT vision become a reality - with minimum risk and effort and at very competitive rates. Whether a client needs short term resources, or an entire team to assist with an IT related project, AVangard Solutions has the technical skills, proven processes, and communication infrastructure to alleviate the pressure of critical IT related challenges.

We can help you build or customize your VoIP services solutions by designing, developing, installing, configuring, integrating, and maintaining:

* Enterprise and SOHO IP PBX
* VoIP Termination
* Voice and Data Infrastructure
* CRM, ERP, SRM, e-Commerce
* Automated Provisioning
* Billing, Rating, Mediation
* Enterprise web applications
* Hardware and Equipment

We offer also the following services:

* Setting up VoiceMaster networks
* Customizing VoiceMaster CRM templates
* Payment processor integrations
* Entirely custom tailored (external) web sites with dynamic content from Sysmaster
* Ongoing VoIP network maintenance and support (outsourced data center)

We have a very successful agent program as well offering an aggressive commission structure and profit sharing schemes.

If you are interested you can find more information about us on our web site www.avangardsolutions.com or contact us at sales@avangardsolutions.com

Thank you.

AVangard Solutions Inc.

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