Cisco AS5300/AS5350/AS5400/AS5850 VoIP Gateways For Sale

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Cisco AS5300/AS5350/AS5400/AS5850 VoIP Gateways For Sale

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We carry a wide variety of used and new surplus AS5300/AS5350/AS5350XM/AS5400/AS5400HPX/AS5400XM/AS5850 products.

For a list of available configurations, please click on the following link: ... ateway.htm

We have the absolute lowest pricing in the industry and offer a one year warranty on all products. Call us today for a quote.

Chris Hill
Townsend Assets Group
Director of Carrier Sales
Office: 415-626-4231 x 226
Mobile: 310-502-8090
Fax: 415-626-4063

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